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Few Tips to Get Investor Visa


An investor visa is a compulsory requirement for individuals who wish to start a business in the United Kingdom. This visa for UK program lures a lot of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors to go to UK and begin a business and bring lots of benefits to the economy of the country. This UK visa is designed to those with enough funds and resources to consider the market of the country, discover the needs of every consumer, introduce new ideas and products to UK market and operate a business. If you want to put up a business in this country, make sure that you are a full time entrepreneur managing your own business and you are not permitted to look for other employment elsewhere.  

Under the immigration law, if you want to come to UK and establish a business there, then you should apply for an investor visa or the Tier 1 visa. Under this scheme, you have to earn 75 points to get approved.

To become eligible and to ensure the grant of UK visa, here are some tips to get investor visa:

1. Age Requirement

There is a greater chance of approval if the applicant will apply for an investor visa before he or she turns 29 years old. This is so because the point based system gives up to 20 points to applicants who will apply before 29, contrary to the 5 points granted to applicants who are already 35 to 39 years old and 10 points to those who aged 30 to 34.

2. Educational Achievement

If you have high educational credentials, then you are likely to earn more points. So, make sure you have a post secondary education. If you are a holder of an MBA then you may be eligible for up to 75 points, contrary to the 30 points given to Bachelor’s Degree holder.

3. Money for the Business

Make sure that you have sufficient money for the business. It must be not less than £1 million. This money will be utilized to invest in a business in the United Kingdom. It must be deposited in a banking institution there.

4. Personal Asset

The applicant must have personal assets amounting to £2 million. It will be required to show proof that you will be able to support yourself while your business is starting to generate income.

5. English Proficiency

You should be able to get a good score in International English Language Testing System or IELTS. It must be better than 6.5 to show that you are well-versed in the English language.

6. Ability to Hire Personnel

It is also essential that the applicant will be able to hire at least two employees with an established status in the country. One for full-time position and the other is for part time position.

7. Complete the Investor Visa Application

Make sure to complete the application for Investor visa. Besides, how will you be able to apply for the UK visa without the application, right? So, get the application from the proper agency.

8. Submit the Necessary Documents

Gather all of the necessary requirements and other credentials needed for your application. These documents will show your eligibility for the visa.

If everything is settled, you will surely get the investor visa that you are aiming to have. Once you are already in UK, you can stay there for up to 3 years, although it is extendible for up to 2 years.

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UKVISAS.COM is an immigration firm who specialize in UK immigration and application, British naturalization. We have the experience and expertise to help your immigration case no matter how complicated. The UKVISAS.COM team treats each client as an individual and also has an excellent success rate.

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