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Tips to Make a Blog Popular In Short Time

Blog posts can be made popular with less effort:

Blog posts are very unpredictable. No one knows beforehand which post can become popular. Even the finest and the best blog post can go in vain. On the other hand a blog post which is not that good, can go viral. Professional blog writers use some tricks to make the blog posts popular. If these tricks are not utilized, blog posts will face difficulty in becoming popular. These tricks are discussed over here.

How to choose the current topics?

Most of the times, bloggers put lots of hard work and makes a blog. In many cases, unfortunately the blog goes to waste. Blogs can be created with less effort that can become fruitful. First and foremost, the topics of the blogs should be trendy and related to current issues. Now the first question that comes to mind is how to get the current topics. Well, nothing is impossible in the 21st century.

Contribution of Google Trend:

There is a feature of Google called the Google Trend. Bloggers can visit that site and choose from the list available. There are many current topics over there. Clicking on any recent trends will show many articles related to that topic. It will also show the keywords of those articles and how many times those blogs have been accessed. From there, the bloggers can make an idea about which topics attract the readers. Also it shows the searches performed by the users that are related to that topic.

The blogs must be original:

It must be remembered that Google Trend should be utilized only for taking ideas. The blogs should not be replica of those available on Google Trend. The blogs created should be original and innovative. The blogger should manage to make his or her fans on the net. There should be a number a people who will like the posts of the blogger. Then they will comment on those blogs, may even share it on many social networking sites. In this way, the blog gets popular rapidly.

Sharing on chain system is very effective:

Sharing in chain system helps a lot. The system is quite entertaining and effective. It starts with a single person sharing it with his or her friend, or maybe on a social networking site. Then from there, another person will share it with someone else. This process will go on. One of the most effective ways of making a blog post popular is by this method. No other process is as fast as this process. Users’ reviews help in gaining the SEO rank by that blog. The reviews have to be positive. Negative reviews will bring the rank down.

Following Twitter can help to make a blog popular:

Twitter is another way to understand what things people are discussing currently. What people like and what are the hot topics can be understood by following Twitter. Even if one person does not want to Tweet the whole day, he or she may have an account only for following other’s posts. It gives an idea about the hot and trendy topics on which blogs can be written. Writing on these topics can make a blog post go viral very easily because these are the current topics people are discussing.

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