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Technology is taking over the world, and why not? It makes us work efficiently, takes off the unnecessary load and tension that arises from doing the menial activities and makes us love our work althemore! Traveling is one sector that makes the most innovative and efficient use of the technology available to us. The latest innovations in technology have proven to be a boon for people who want to indulge i.e. travel and those who make travelling possible for such enthusiasts.

Here are some ways to make travel smarter, both for travelers and travel agents

  1. GPS and Google Maps


Every phone in today’s date comes with the option of GPS (Global Positioning System) and Google maps. The Global Positioning System is a satellite based navigation system that lets you know your location and time anywhere in the world. All you need to do is feed your destination and the GPS will guide you vocally or visually (on the screen) and make you reach your desired destination. Google Maps follow on somewhat similar of the GPS, the only difference being the Google Maps do not navigate. They present you with a visual and labeled expanse of the area you are currently in. You can download the GPS navigation and Google Maps from your Android phone, iPhone, Windows phone and even a Blackberry- it should just be a smart phone!


  1. Smartphone Apps to your rescue: Book, track flights, organize itinerary, restaurant reviews, whether etc


Smartphones, with their myriad apps are dominating the phone market today. You’ll find a lot of apps to make your travel easier. You can use apps for booking flights as well as tracking flights. A flight tracker app will keep you updated with the arrival, delay and even the boarding call of your flight. Also, every airline has their own app which allows you to book through the official app of the airline you want to travel and gain first hand access to flight bookings and other details. You’ll also find many apps to organize your itinerary, Tripit is one such app and it’ll help you save all your to-do details in a safe place.

Food is one of the most serious concerns of travelers. Smartphone apps will provide you access to nearby restaurants and will also provide you with insightful reviews to make decisions! Then are apps that’ll aid you in currency conversion, find medical aid, public transport and much more! You just need to find the right app!


  1. Stay connected

With Facebook, Twitter other social media platforms and your mail ready to use on your mobile, you can stay connected with the world, your friends, parents and everybody else. With apps like Viber, Whatsapp, BBm and other softwares, you can message to anyone across the world for free, that’s only if you’re using the internet. You can also make free audio and video calls using Skype.


  1. Biometric Systems

These systems consist of traveler information in the form of their biometrics i.e fingerprints, retina scan etc. Biometric systems will make travel in the future easier for traveler as well as agents as all client/traveler information will be stored under a unique print which will help confirm bookings in no time.

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Campbell Fox has a graduate degree in engineering and has worked for various big companies. He also likes to blog by the side about latest tech and gadget news. His reviews on the Panasonic tx-l55wt65b LED TV have been read by many and appreciated by many nyc internet companies for the content strategy used for it.

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