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Risk Factors in Car Rental Business
Service business such as car rentals is highly needed nowadays. This type of business offers their services both to individuals and companies. However, there are business investors who are afraid to engage in this kind of business because of the risk factors attached to it. The major risks come from damages to collision, theft or total loss of the car offered for rent.

Collision Damage Waiver

Accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere. When you have car rental business, this is one major risk that you decide to assume. Your car hire business may suffer major costs as a result of an accident. In order to protect the business for this kind of risk, it is a must that you have collision damage waiver insurance. The insurance will indemnify you for any damage that may be caused to the car. If there is any excess cost that is not covered by the insurance, it may be charged to the renter especially if negligence was attributed on the use of the rented car. However, damages to tires, windows, roof lights and others may not be covered by the same.

Fraud Rental

Another major risk being faced by many car rental companies is fraud in car rental. Numerous business owners suffer loss because of the widespread criminals who are presenting fake driver license and matching credit cards who drive away with the rented cars. Businesses should be able to come up with fraud fighting tools so as not to suffer from this kind of deceitful acts. There are tools which can be used to deter and deter if the documents presented during the transaction to be authentic. With this, the company will be able to proactively address the problem of theft. Among the most popular fraud detecting device is the ultraviolet counterfeit detection scanner. The device is easy to use and can accurately detect hidden security features on credit cards and licenses.


There are instances that accident suffered by rental cars results to its total loss. It is very important that the company be protected for this kind of risk lest the company can suffer huge losses on its assets. Having a rental car insurance that covers replacement during loss can help the business move forward while the things are being settled. There are however numerous factors that the insurance will take into consideration in arriving at the cash value of your car. The determinant factors being considered will vary from one company to another and it is best to make comparison to arrive at the best that can answer all your needs.

Third Party Liability

When the rented car is involved in an accident, it may also cause liability to third party or to another person’s property. Damages to third party such as hospitalization can be very costly. Without proper insurance coverage for your car rental business, you can be responsible for paying thousands of dollars to the third party. Third party liability insurance is a must so that the liability can be assumed without any difficulty.

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