Feb 20
Five Reasons to Own a Leather Jacket
You’d be forgiven for thinking that leather jackets were just for hells angels, but if you’re at all fashion conscious you’ll know that leather jackets have actually become somewhat of a women’s wardrobe staple. Whether you opt for a black crop leather jacket or a brown leather bomber jacket, here are 5 reasons you should get out there and bag yourself a leather jacket now:


If you think there’s only one style of leather jacket, think again. Today the high-street is full with many different styles; from traditional biker-style black jackets to feminine mink shades or elegant waterfall cut fronts. The finish can also differ; choose from smooth and modern or vintage and distressed looking leathers. An embellished look is possible too.

Not only is there versatility in leather jacket design, there’s versatility in how you wear your jacket. A leather jacket works just as well worn with knee high boots and jeans, as it does with an elegant tea dress.


Looking for a jacket that can withstand day-to-day wear? Real leather jackets are extremely durable, meaning they’ll weather occasional evenings-out or being worn morn, noon and night. Not only is leather a tough fabric, but it’s easy to wash too. When you make a spillage on your leather jacket, simply grab a damp cloth and wipe over the mess. If you’ve discovered any more permanent stains, professional cleaners will be able to bring a leather jacket back to looking new.


When you need cosy outerwear for Autumn-Winter, forget dull anoraks and thick jumpers and instead layer up with a leather jacket. Leather is great at keeping heat in, making it a nice option for bad weather. For complete comfort in chilly temperatures, just make sure your jacket covers your arms and lower back properly.


What used to be an indulgent purchase is now commonplace on high-street rails; a leather jacket can be bought to fit budgets both big and small. Remember, a high-quality jacket will last for many years to come, so spending more could be a good idea this time. Faux leathers are getting more realistic, so if you can’t afford real leather you can still enjoy the look of leather without the price tag. Though nothing quite beats that real leather smell! The most affordable time to purchase a real leather jacket is at the end of the winter season when they’ll hit the sale rails.


Leather jackets are iconic. If there’s one great reason to own one yourself, it’s just to say you have! Think back, when you were a child there was probably at least one adult you knew who rocked a leather jacket or coat. Think of all film and music icons that have made the leather jacket so cool, from James Dean’s timeless black style to Michael Jackson’s red Thriller number. Everyone should own a leather jacket at some point; they are a great fashion investment.

New Look are a retailer of value fashion apparel, the second largest womenswear retailer in the UK, with over 1,000 stores worldwide. New Look stock a brilliant range of leather jackets.
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