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Reasons Drunk Driving is Serious Offence
Drunk driving is one of the major and most common traffic offenses there is in the world. Many people find it more comfortable to drive when drunk because it gives them the rush and kick they need. People committing drunk driving seems to not realize the many harsh effects of their action. Without you knowing, drunk driving is the cause of multiple deaths and road accidents in the world. Drunk driving may cause the lives of women, old aged, kids, youth, and innocent drivers. In other cases, drunkenness while driving causes damages to merchandise. Aside from that, drunk driving being a punishable offense under the law can cause deprivation of one’s liberty. A person charged with drunken driving offense may suffer imprisonment and pay fine or damages as the necessity may arise. Drunk driving is detrimental to life and property because of the foregoing explanations:

Effects of Alcohol in Drivers

Driving a vehicle when under the influence of liquor causes delayed reaction to unusual situations. This means that an individual maneuvering a vehicle while drunk responds more slowly than expected. Also, drunkenness results in the slowing down of comprehension. This means that a drunk driver may not make tactful decisions when driving. This is why drunk drivers who bump into objects get easily rattled and can’t seem to find a solution.

Drunkenness while driving also affects the vision. When drunk, one may find it difficult to accurately perceive a thing or person. Depth perception is mostly affected by drunkenness. This means failure to perceive objects which located at a certain distance.

Even if perceived, the object may seem blurred of appear double. Drunkenness also affects how we see during night time. When drunk the muscles in the eyes gets exhausted and lacks precision. Also, liquor affects the eyes ‘ability to adjust to light or darkness. Impairment of the vision due to drunkenness is often the cause why drivers find difficulty in anticipating street lights, signs, center lines, and even pedestrians.

Liquors often have those psychological effects on persons. When drunk, individuals often have the great sense of confidence and adrenaline. This is the reason why most drunk drivers do over speeding which is another form of traffic offense. Also, the false confidence that liquors creates give individuals the feeling that they are able to drive safely.

Alcohol or liquor also affects how the body and mind works. In typical situations, our body and mind works in a coordinated manner. But because of liquor, mind and body coordination may not work efficiently. This is especially true in drunk driving. When driving under the influence of alcohol, you may not easily decipher how levers work and when to use them. Hence, car accidents increase.

Bottom line

Damage to property and manslaughter on the road can be effectively prevented if only individuals are responsible enough not to drive when under the influence of liquor. Aside from that, it is also the responsibility of the government and the society to regulate these incidents to prevent further loss of life and irreparable injury.

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