Apr 26
Skype Debuts on Sony's PlayStation Vita Game Portable Devices Skype made its first appearance Tuesday on PlayStation Vita, making its primary Internet video or voice calling service accessible on Sony's advanced video game handset device.

A Skype app for PlayStation Vita systems started rolling out to PlayStation Store in the US and was due to become available for download in Europe and Asia on Wednesday. Continue Reading...
Apr 26
Basic Link Building – Step 4 To Do:

Submit your site to JoeAnt.com (Completion of this task requires payment)


JoeAnt.com is a web directory of sites for you to submit your business. Inclusion in this volunteer-edited directory Continue Reading...
Apr 22
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God of War 4: Ascension announced for PS3 with teaser trailer God of War 4: Ascension developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment will be the newest title in the multi-million selling hack-n-slash franchise which is set to be a prequel to the events of the opening trilogy (God of War I, II, and III).

Sony has declared God of War: Ascension, the latest title in its blockbusting loosely based on Greek mythology action-adventure video game series. Continue Reading...
Apr 22
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50 Perfectly Timed Animal Photographs! Animal picture taking necessitates a great deal of time, patience, and even some luck… and here is where the discussion begins. What role does luck play in photography? Continue Reading...
Apr 22
Jackman's 'The Wolverine' to Be Filmed in Australia The most recent sequel of the X-Men series, "The Wolverine", featuring Hugh Jackman, will be filmed in Australia, it was declared Friday.

The prospective smash hit was scheduled to be shot in Japan last year but the destruction from the tsunami and earthquake that hit in March put development on hold. Continue Reading...
Apr 22
Chip Lets Smartphones See through Walls, Clothes and Other Objects! Analysts at a Texas university have developed a chip that could give mobile phones the amazing ability of comic book Superman to see through walls, clothes or other physical objects.

A team at University of Texas at Dallas updated and tweaked a small, low-cost microchip to detect a "terahertz" band of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Continue Reading...
Apr 22
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Space Mining Startup Set for Launch in U.S. A new venture surprisingly focused on mining asteroids for metals is to launch on Tuesday in the U.S. northwest city of Seattle, looking for redefining the phrase "natural resources." Continue Reading...
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