Jan 8
Using Natural Elements in Home Design
I love nature. There is just something so tranquil and relaxing about it. In fact, I love nature so much that I want to feel like my home is a part of it. I am not saying I want to live outside; rather I love to bring natural elements into my home. Not only do these natural elements make my home feel more organic and peaceful, but they also add a distinctive design to the whole thing. Here are some great examples of bringing nature to your home:

1. Wood, Stone, and Sky – There is just not enough I can say about this house. It combines so much of what I am taking about when I say bring nature into the décor. The usage of wood pervades the decorations from ceiling to floor. The natural stone that dominates one wall and the huge open skylights bring the clouds indoors. Such a welcoming and inviting cabin retreat that is as great on elegance as it is natural.

2. Branch Table – This is a smaller example of the same idea. Made of iron and glass, this table is inspired by the natural knobs and leaves of a tree branch. A great natural element that would be easy to add to any decorative style.

3. Living Bannister –To add an organic touch to your stairway and your whole home in the process, why not go for this tree inspired bannister. With great twisting branches and even roots, this bannister really brings nature home.

4. Thrifty Natural – When you want to add natural elements to your home you often feel you need to go for an expensive addition. In fact, an affordable alternative that looks great is a stained pallet. Use the pallet as a wall decoration and add potted plants to give it an even more natural vibe. Beautiful, useful, and affordable design.

5. Natural Headboard – A great way to add a natural element to your bedroom design is with this simple wooden headboard. Made of reclaimed wooden planks or stained ones, whichever is your preference, this simple addition of wood bring nature into your bedroom décor and makes a big statement.

6. Modern Nature –Even in very modern décor you can integrate a bit of nature. In this very modern home, natural wood was used as fencing but in a brand new way. The clean lines and varied shapes bring new interest to simple wood fencing.

7. Green on Top –I love, love, love the way nature in integrated with this house design. Growing grass on your roof may not be the best idea for some homes, but it is a great way to insulate naturally and still make the most of your space. Remember it does not have to be only the inside that integrates nature; the outside of your home can be natural as well.

These nature elements in home design will just give you some idea of where to get started in your journey to make your home more natural and organic looking. Decorating with natural elements does not have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it may just be the most affordable and simplest decorating style you can do!

Author Bio:

Jack Meyers is a regular contributor for www.nannybackgroundcheck.com. As a detective he wants to spread the knowledge of terrible things that can happen when people don’t fully verify the credentials of a caregiver or any employee. He also writes for various law enforcement blogs and sites.
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