Comment Policy

We love comments. Well, most of them. Please see below for what type of comments not to leave. If you wish to leave a signature in your comment, please leave the signature as only one line with only one link.

Please Avoid These Type of Comments:

1. Comments with unnecessary profanity.

2. Comments with accusations without logical and educated evidence or reason.

3. Comments which seek to defame an individual under libelous pretenses.

4. Comments which personally attack others.

5. Comments with external links not related to the post (with the exception 6. of signatures).

7. Comments which post personal or non-public information about an individual.

8. Comments which seek to impersonate an individual.

9. Comments which do not add to the conversation such as a Great post or a Thanks for posting.

10. Test comments. This site is not a testing ground.

If you have any questions or objections regarding the comment policy, please e-mail us.

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