Feb 17
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Beach Wallpapers Ah! The beach, the golden sand, the sea, the blue sky and the shining sun! What could someone asks for more? if you're a summer person like me and would love to look at the beauty of the beach every time you turn on your computer from work or home or wherever you are in between, then I strongly recommend that you save one of the below amazing beach vector illustrations as your desktop, laptop or mobile device wallpaper. Please click Here to download as a zipped folder all the below images in their original full size and resolution format. Enjoy! Continue Reading...
Sep 28
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Apple iPhone Wallpaper Apple iPhone has already gained much in terms of market share for quite some time. Thus no wonder that there are now much more people who are using this gadget. More often than not each of us wants to make our own possessions to be personally customized by us. In the sense that we want our personal property to fit our style, character, and individuality. And maybe one of your ways in customizing your iPhone is by changing its background or wallpaper. Continue Reading...
Sep 25
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Apple Wallpapers Spice up your desktop background with these very beautiful Apple wallpapers. Most likely we always change our desktop wallpapers from time to time, maybe because the old one already seems tedious to look at. I hope these wallpapers can enliven your computer experience more. Have fun! Continue Reading...
Aug 28
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space wallpaper Different wallpapers of man-made engineering structures, nature, animals, events, and people are surely beautiful but we can never deny the fact that space wallpapers are so astounding too. Here is now a collection of superbly amazing graphics of space wallpapers (stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, supernovas, etc.), starting from different planetary interactions and interstellar activity up to the various galactic splendors. Take yourself to another dimension way beyond our small world and while going through those breathtaking images immerse yourself in this divine galactic pleasure. Enjoy! Continue Reading...
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