Dec 14

Top 10 Must have Windows Software for Web Designers

Having the right software can make creating a website much easier and much more effective. If you are unaware of some of the great products that are available to you, then you should check out these 10. They have already proven to be an incredible asset to any web designer.

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Nov 6
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The 5 Best But Totally Free Photo Apps for Your Phone

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With the advancement of technology, the blurry gray images that you used to get with your phone camera are a thing of the past. Smart phones can have nicer cameras than you used to have with your point and shoot. This makes always having a camera available much easier. With all of the photos on your phone, you will want to be able to edit and share them with others. There are free apps that make it easy to create great photos and to share them with your friends.

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Nov 7

Six New Tools for the Modern Classroom

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Education in today's classrooms is no longer limited to the chalkboard and an old textbook. With the growth of new technology spreading to schools worldwide, teachers now have access to amazing tools that can help them enhance their lessons. Learning how to use these tools will help students prepare to enter the modern economy after they graduate from college.
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Dec 13
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Top 10 Most Popular URL Shortening Services on the Web URL shortening services or URL shorteners are starting to get popular, especially now that Twitter has become famous and where every character counts. URL shortening services are also now being used because more and more URLs are starting to get long, and usually when these long links are sent in an email they would break. Continue Reading...
Oct 16
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Online Photo Editor What shall you do if you are in a situation where you badly need to edit an image but the computer you are on doesn't have an image or photo editing application installed? If I were in that situation, I would try to install a photo editing software. Problem solved, right? (Oh c'mon, you just can't do that if you are using a public PC like in an internet cafe or cyber cafe :) Continue Reading...
Sep 11
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Color Tools are very important in web design and development. We all know that it is how your website looks that most web surfers try to see if the site is really worth their time that is why a website's color scheme is such a big factor. Hence every web designer really needs a color tool whenever he/she builds the website's look and feel. Color tools are essential in color matching and making a color palette. The following list is composed of online color tools which are being used by most web designers.

Color Scheme Designer

Web Design Tools

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