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If you are a fan of computer games like time management, strategy, and hidden object games, then this is the site that you need to check out: Big Fish Games.

What is Big Fish Games?

Big Fish Games is the world’s leading retailer of downloadable computer games. Their website offers millions of games for purchase and to download free trials. The site itself is easy to navigate, fun to look around in, and offers categories that make sense. Get the latest game or an old favorite. They are all available at Big Fish Games.

Why choose Big Fish Games?

Because Big Fish Games is the largest retailer, they have the most games. They also have a new game every day. Yes, you read that right. They create and distribute a new game every day. They are not gimmicky games either. These are no Angry Birds games. Instead, they have fully immersive and lengthy games they come out with regularly. You cannot find these games on any other site because Big Fish Games created them in conjunction with the game manufacturers. Big Fish Games has the sole rights to distribute the games.

In addition to this, Big Fish Games has the best and most organized gaming system for download. When you purchase a game form Big Fish Games, you will automatically download their gaming platform. This will allow you to easily access, organize, remove, update, and download all your Big Fish Games in one place. No more hunting through your files to find out where the game saved to. No more icons cluttering up your desktop. Instead, all your games are stored in one central location.

Not only does their game platform make it easy to access all your games, but they also make it easy to remove games you no longer want. You do not have to uninstall your game in a lengthy process, rather you can simply click on the trash can next to the name and whoop, it is gone. Do not fear that you are wasting your money, however, because if you ever want to download the game again it is available for you in your history folder of your Big Fish Games account online. Every purchase you make is recorded and saved so you do not lose anything.

Even better, you can try out any game you want before you buy it! A free one hour trial is available for every game, giving you the opportunity to make sure you want to spend your heard earned money before you actually make a purchase. Each game also has a star and customer review section. The number of stars shows the overall score the game has received by customers, and the reviews are written by gamers just like you. Find out how long the game is, how hard the levels get, and even any glitches the games have before you buy.

The trial games use the same platform as the games your purchase, so if you like a game and want to buy it, simply click the button that says “buy now” next to the trial game’s name. It will authorize your purchase and you can get back to playing in just a few minutes. If you don’t like the game and do not want it lurking around your computer, simply trash it and it is gone forever, no questions asked.

By the way, if you are leery of downloading trials because you think you will get a virus, download junk files, or even be asked to fill out a bunch of information then you are wrong. Big Fish Games offers the cleanest and most hassle-free gaming experience on the web. I have downloaded literally a thousand games and trials from them and never once had an issue.

What about customer service?

If you happen to have a problem with one of your games, paying for your game, or even removing your game, Big Fish Games has excellent customer support. I have only had to use it twice in the long time I have been playing their games, and both times they were quick, courteous, and did whatever they could to resolve the issue. Even when my computer was at fault, they refunded me the whole price for the game and even offered me a free game in return for my troubles. How many companies will do that? Their support is available through the phone or email, and is easy to find on their website.

What discounts does Big Fish Games offer?

If you want affordability along with reliability, then you have come to the right game site. There are sometimes cheaper games prices on some of the most popular games, but none of them work as well, download as quickly and cleanly, or can be accessed as easily as the games from Big Fish Games. If you are a new customer then you can purchase your first game for just $2.99. All you have to do is enter the code NEW299. This offer has been going strong for years and does not look to be discontinued any time soon. If you sign up for the Big Fish Games ‘Game Club’, for only a few dollars a month you get discounts of up to 80% off all the games on the site, plus notifications of sales, coupons sent to your email address, and even more great offers. If you buy more than one game a month, the discount pays for itself!

Big Fish Game has sales literally every day. Some games you can get for only a dollar, others are half off or more. From collector’s editions to classic arcade games, Game Fish Games has them all for affordable prices.

What are some other game sites?

So, you want to check out the competition. Well, you may think there are a lot of good game sites out there, but you would be wrong. Most of the sites download add-ons, spyware and other hassles. Those that don’t are spotty at best, with zero customer service. Even downloading games from Amazon and the like can get to be a hassle. But if you must check out other sites, then here are Big Fish Games’ top competitors:





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