Dec 31

Must have android apps 2013

There are various Android apps that you must install on your new Android device. All the apps will prove useful and are handy. They include:

Pandora Internet Radio
This app will let you have a variety of the music you love. You can use it on your device as you drive back home, when idle at work or even when you are working out. You won't get bored by the wide range of music that Pandora Internet Radio will let you have access to.

Don't assume that buying an Android will help you get over your addiction to Facebook. It may even make it worse but the Facebook app is a must have.

Instagram just launched their app for Android recently. Now that it is here with us, don't be left behind. You can use it to share all your filtered or unfiltered photos with friends and family.

Swiftkey X
The predictive text in Android may be annoying to most of us. Swiftkey X is more superior and is almost a psychic replacement for the keyboard .You definitely will want this app if you plan on texting a lot. The more you use Swiftkey X the more it gets to learn how you type.

Who doesn’t know about twitter now-a-days. It allows you to Write and send messages of a maximum of 140 characters for all your friends to read. You can also share pictures with your friends.

Flipboard is a must have news reader app. It allows you to read all the topics that you are interested in and you will see them in very well-designed tiles. With this app, you will never have to miss something important.

You will find user-generated reviews at Yelp. This app will allow you to get instant answers for all the information you need based on the reviews of other users.

It will be impossible to keep your head on straight if at all you don't keep important notes. Store your notes on Evernote so that you are well organized and more productive.

You will for sure find the Kindle app ideal if you are the kind that likes to read. You will be able to access the deep library of Amazon, and irrespective of where you may be, you can be able to sync with this app.

If you are looking to shed off those extra pounds you gained over Christmas then the Endomondo app is a must have .It will be helpful as it has GPS fitness tracking and different workouts which you can choose from.

Google Field Trip
You probably know just a small bit of the background of your favorite city .The Google Field Trip app will identify cool destinations or places and use the GPS of your device to give you information about them.

Spotify This is another must have Android apps 2013. Spotify will let you enjoy streaming the same way you do when using your computer for your tablet or phone. You can get unlimited music with a monthly subscription of $10.

Another must have android apps 2013 is the Barcode Scanner that enables you to install other apps on your device. This app is made in such as way that it allows you to use the built-in camera of your Android device to scan Quick Response (QR) codes that have App identifiers and be able to share information like contacts and bookmarks. You can obtain custom QR codes generated by Visual QR Code Generator at
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