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5 Tips for Making the Most of Instagram for Your Business


Instagram is one of the hottest social networks right now. It has quickly gained popularity, and now that it has been acquired by Facebook, its prominence is only expected to grow. The reach of the network makes it a powerful tool for promoting your business.

Not sure where to get started with Instagram? Here are 5 tips for making the most of Instagram for your business:

Be Active

The first rule of any social networking site is to be social. Be an active user on the site and you will quickly attract a large following and create exposure for your brand. Follow other users in your niche and like, share and comment on others' photos. The more you do, the more others will do the same for your photos, helping you to expand your reach.

Create a Virtual Catalog

Take advantage of the image sharing that is the focus of Instagram by creating a virtual catalog of your products. Use the fun filters and effects on Instagram to create interesting and unique images that will showcase your products in a new way. The key is to attract new customers with your images, as well as to engage previous customers by showcasing your offerings in a new way.

Define Your Brand

You don't have to sell tangible product in order to make the most of Instagram. You can create and share images that tell the story of your brand, including your values and your mission. Is your brand all about giving back to the community? Share photos of your staff and others doing service work. Is your brand all about luxury? Share photos of people living the high life. Think of your Instagram profile as a virtual collage board that reflects your brand's values.

Look Behind the Scenes

Your photos give you the perfect opportunity to put a personal face on your brand. Use your profile to give your followers a look behind the scenes of your operation. Show off your staff, provide a tour of your office space, or offer a glimpse of your production process. The more creative you are, the more your users will feel a connection to your brand.

Run a Contest

Instagram is a great platform for hosting a contest or giveaway. You can ask users to submit photos for competition, such as their best pictures of them using your products or their best ideas for your next ad campaign. Or you can simply ask them to follow you or to share some of your photos as a way to enter a giveaway. Whatever method you choose, you'll get more exposure on the site, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your own site, helping you to increase sales.

Instagram is a great new social media marketing tool for businesses. If you aren't already on the site, you should set up a profile and use these tips to start making the most of Instagram for your business.

Is your business on Instagram? Share your tips for success in the comments!

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