Feb 6
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Twitter badge sites are very popular, and ezuca is One of the best ways to find new followers for your Twitter account is to leverage any other online profile that you might already have. If you have a website, blog or other social media account linking to your Twitter account is a great way to do this. Doing it with an eye catching button, widget or counter can be even more effective. Of course there are some Official Twitter Badges available… but what if you want something a little different? Below are some links to places where you can download 181 different free Twitter buttons, widgets, badges and counters to use on your site (there are over 25 when you consider the different sizes, colors, formats that are available on some of these options).


Twitter badge pack 1

twitter badge pack 1

Twitter badge pack 2

twitter badge pack 2

Twitter badge pack 3

twitter badge pack 3

Twitter badge pack 4

twitter badge serie 4


Great tweet bird collection. Thank you for this resource.

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