Sep 27
Apple Wallpapers What shall you do if something goes wrong with your iPhone? Perhaps the first thing you would do is to diagnose the cause of the problem. Afterwards if you think the problem is just something resolvable and you think you could handle it then you would try to repair it by yourself, right? This action could be harmless though you should also be sure of what you are doing before you really continue fixing it. Problems like the one that only needs a battery replacement can only be as easy as abc to manage. Meanwhile if you bring your iPhone to a professional technician, for sure the service would cost big. And just think how much they would take advantage of you by indefinitely charging you with so much fee. Why not fix it yourself when you just can? The following video tutorials shall be your guide in tweaking your dear Apple iPhone.

List of the Video Tutorials presented:

•iPhone 3GS Touch Panel and Digitizer Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3GS LCD Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3GS Battery Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3GS Complete Screen Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3GS Complete Take Apartâ–¼
•iPhone 3G Digitizer and Touch Panel Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3G LCD Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3G Battery Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3G Complete Screen Replacementâ–¼
•iPhone 3G (Gen 2) Complete Take Apartâ–¼
•iPhone 3G (Gen 1) Complete Take Apartâ–¼

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I am thinking about buying the iPhone very soon and was wondering how many megapixels the camera is.

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